Monthly Archives: July 2017

Three open access journals added to the list

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Lowenthal (@plowenthal) for spotting the following two titles, which have now been added to the list of journals. All are open access.

  1. i-manager’s Journal of School Educational Technology (JSET) [URL]
  2. Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy [by Springer Open, URL]

Also added to the list was the i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology (JET) [URL].

The Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy is rather interesting. This is from the journal’s “About” page, stating

….[it] represents a new movement in academic publishing by establishing the first video journal in the field of education and an associated open access database of video articles that capture the latest developments in educational practice. … The journal provides a database of video articles that are dedicated to teaching and education fundamentals through easy to understand demonstrations. The journal uses the video medium and research on new visualization methodologies to provide structured interviews with leading researchers and scholars and as a means of advancing philosophical approaches to the study of visuality in education and society.”

It will be interesting to see if other similar journals with a focus on visuals rather than the written word start to emerge in educational technology – the field seems ripe for it, especially given the growing popularity of research methods (ex., design-based or video-game ethnographies) that very often have a particularly strong visual component to the studies.

As always, suggestions and questions for the site are always welcomed – as are collaborators!

– Ross Perkins, Ph.D.