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Journal of Research in Open, Distance and eLearning

The Journal of Research in Open, Distance and eLearning has been added to the main list of journals on this site, as well as the “OAJ Only.” JRODeL was established in 2017; its inaugural issue can be accessed from the archive. It publishes in English, French, and Portuguese.

The JRODeL editor-in-chief is Dr. Bakary Diallo, who also serves as the Rector of the African Virtual University. The journal is affiliated with and gets financial support from the African Development Bank Group. Its founding editor is Dr. Atieno Adala (African Virtual University); she is an alumna of the Indiana University (Bloomington) Instructional Systems Technology program.

The description of JRODeL, as per the site, is: “a newly launched open access peer-reviewed online journal that seeks to publish research and practice-based articles on the issues pertaining to open, distance and eLearning (ODeL). The overall focus of the journal is on persistence and long-standing issues in ODeL and how these are being redefined in the current global context, as well as new emerging issues.”

JRODeL uses the Open Journal Systems publishing software.

Thanks to Dr. Patrick Lowenthal [Boise State University | Web | Twitter] for submitting the link for this resource!


Top 25 OAJs in Ed Tech

In research that I conducted with Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, we learned that authors with OAJ experience found the most value in the following journals. We list them here in alphabetical order. More information about them can be found in our article, published in AJET.

  1. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
  2. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
  3. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
  4. Educational Technology & Society
  5. EDUCAUSE Review
  6. eLearning Papers
  7. Electronic Journal of e-Learning
  8. European Journal of Open and Distance Learning
  9. First Monday
  10. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  11. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  12. International Journal of Designs for Learning
  13. International Journal of Educational Research and Technology
  14. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
  15. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
  16. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  17. Journal of Distance Education
  18. Journal of Information Technology Education
  19. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
  20. Journal of Technology Education
  21. Kairos
  22. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
  23. Research in Learning Technology (ALT-J)
  24. Turkish Journal of Educational Technology
  25. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Direct links to these journals and their DOAJ entries (if available) can be found on this site, but a quick list can also be accessed in a GoogleDrive document.

Update on AJET article

The article, Open access journals in educational technology: Results of a survey of experienced users, which as noted in a post on 18FEB16, has now been published. It should be cited as:

Perkins, R. A., & Lowenthal, P. R. (2016). Open access journals in educational technology: Results of a survey of experienced users. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 32(3), 18-37. doi:

Journal of Online Learning Research, a new OAJ, added to DB

We have recently added a new OAJ to the database, the Journal of Online Learning Research. It is published by the well-known Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education [].

ISSN: 2374-1473
DOAJ Entry: As of this posting, the journal does yet appear in DOAJ.
Editors-in-Chief: Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University (USA);  Kathryn Kennedy, Michigan Virtual University (USA)

From the journal website:

The Journal of Online Learning Research (JOLR) is a peer-reviewed, international journal devoted to the theoretical, empirical, and pragmatic understanding of technologies and their impact on primary and secondary pedagogy and policy in primary and secondary (K-12) online and blended environments.

This new quarterly journal is Open Access, free-of-charge and distributed by the EdITLib Digital Library as well as available in print by subscription for libraries/institutions.

  • JOLR is focused on publishing manuscripts that address online learning, catering particularly to the educators who research, practice, design, and/or administer in primary and secondary schooling in online settings. However, the journal also serves those educators who have chosen to blend online learning tools and strategies in their face-to-face classroom.
  • JOLR is both international and interdisciplinary, publishing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research from multiple fields and disciplines that have a shared goal of improving primary and secondary education worldwide.
  • JOLR is both theoretical and practical. Each research article is critically-reviewed to ensure publication of rigorous and thoughtful research. However, each publication must also contain pragmatic implications for research, policy, and practice.

Site Updates

First, thanks for the great comments! As an example, “JS” wrote, “I am a graduate student in instructional design and technology and your site is exactly the source I needed. Thank you for putting this together, making it searchable/sort-able, and making it available for all to use.”

Thanks, also, for the suggestions / updates submitted thus far. As of today, the following changes have been made:

  1. Added Internet Learning Journal (a publication of the American Public University) to the list of open journals.
  2.  Added Current Issues in Emerging eLearning (CIEE) (a publication of the University of Massachusetts – Boston) to the list of open journals.
  3. The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (TOJET) is evidently no longer SSCI listed, so that characteristic was removed.
  4. KM suggested a feature that allows one to *only* see open access journals. One way to do this is to type “open” in the search box. This is not a perfect solution as a couple of journals have “open” in their name, but refer to open learning and are subscription-based. What I have done today – thanks to Tony Hetrick’s awesome WordPress plug-in programming – is create a new data table for this site that appears on the newly added page “OAJs Only.” This allows one to see only the 89 OAJs currently in the database. You can still sort them using the same columns as on the Home page (except that the “Type” column is removed as it is superfluous on that particular table).