Housecleaning Update

In Spring 2016, Tony Hetrick worked to clean up the list a bit – namely to remove dead links, update journal titles (as some journals merge or change names), determine which are no longer published, etc.). Some journals that were subscription based have become open (how great!) Rather than keep these in the larger searchable list on the main page, I have moved these to a separate GoogleSheet. It’s not fancy, but it does not need to be  – just exists for reference only. All the columns, however, are the same one will find in the main database (though the notes column was moved left, near the title, to show any information Tony might have learned about the particular title).

We continue to add new journal titles (approx. once quarterly) as we learn of them. Feel free to submit titles to dr.rossperkins -at- gmail.

Top 25 OAJs in Ed Tech

In research that I conducted with Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, we learned that authors with OAJ experience found the most value in the following journals. We list them here in alphabetical order. More information about them can be found in our article, published in AJET.

  1. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
  2. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
  3. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
  4. Educational Technology & Society
  5. EDUCAUSE Review
  6. eLearning Papers
  7. Electronic Journal of e-Learning
  8. European Journal of Open and Distance Learning
  9. First Monday
  10. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  11. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  12. International Journal of Designs for Learning
  13. International Journal of Educational Research and Technology
  14. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
  15. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
  16. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  17. Journal of Distance Education
  18. Journal of Information Technology Education
  19. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
  20. Journal of Technology Education
  21. Kairos
  22. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
  23. Research in Learning Technology (ALT-J)
  24. Turkish Journal of Educational Technology
  25. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

Direct links to these journals and their DOAJ entries (if available) can be found on this site, but a quick list can also be accessed in a GoogleDrive document.

Update on AJET article

The article, Open access journals in educational technology: Results of a survey of experienced users, which as noted in a post on 18FEB16, has now been published. It should be cited as:

Perkins, R. A., & Lowenthal, P. R. (2016). Open access journals in educational technology: Results of a survey of experienced users. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 32(3), 18-37. doi:

OAJs in Educational Technology Research

In spring 2015, an article co-authored by Dr. Ross Perkins and Dr. Patrick Lowenthal (both in the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University), was submitted to the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology. It was accepted for publication in September 2015. The article’s pre-press (layout version) can be accessed here:

As of 18 FEB 2016, It should be cited as:

Perkins, R. A., & Lowenthal, P. R. (in press). Open access journals in educational technology: Results of a survey of experienced users. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, X(X), xx-xx. Retrieved (date) from

New open journal added to the list

Thanks to Dr. Lowenthal for sending this open journal to be published on the list.
International Women Online Journal of Distance Education
“intWOJDE is international a peer-reviewed quarterly and official eJournal. International in scope, this scholarly e-journal publishes refereed articles focusing on the issues and challenges of providing theory, research and information services to global learners in any kind of distance education or open learning applications.” As of February 2016, it is not indexed by DOAJ.
– RP

Added journal, IJDLC

The peer-reviewed journal, International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence (IJDLDC), was added to the EDTECHJOURNALS.ORG list on 30 OCT 2015. IJDLC is a subscription-based journal published by IGI Global. Articles were first published in 2010.

From its website: “The mission of the International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital Competence (IJDLDC) is to provide a platform for experts, scholars, stakeholders, and other professionals involved in the use of information communication technologies in education and society to share theories, studies, experiences, projects, instruments, and applications. The journal covers ideas concerning digital literacy and digital competence that penetrate the whole society and create shared and commonly accepted educational paradigms to be used in academics by means of a practice-theory-practice paradigmatic approach to education. The journal publishes innovative findings from leading experts, including engineers, researchers, scientists, educators, and practitioners in the creation of hardware-software instruments in everyday education, training, and school work, but also focuses on the methods and processes for the integration of digital technological equipments [sic] in the same contexts.”

ISSN: 1947-3494, EISSN: 1947-3508,DOI: 10.4018/IJDLDC. PDF Brochure.


Journal of Online Learning Research, a new OAJ, added to DB

We have recently added a new OAJ to the database, the Journal of Online Learning Research. It is published by the well-known Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education [].

ISSN: 2374-1473
DOAJ Entry: As of this posting, the journal does yet appear in DOAJ.
Editors-in-Chief: Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University (USA);  Kathryn Kennedy, Michigan Virtual University (USA)

From the journal website:

The Journal of Online Learning Research (JOLR) is a peer-reviewed, international journal devoted to the theoretical, empirical, and pragmatic understanding of technologies and their impact on primary and secondary pedagogy and policy in primary and secondary (K-12) online and blended environments.

This new quarterly journal is Open Access, free-of-charge and distributed by the EdITLib Digital Library as well as available in print by subscription for libraries/institutions.

  • JOLR is focused on publishing manuscripts that address online learning, catering particularly to the educators who research, practice, design, and/or administer in primary and secondary schooling in online settings. However, the journal also serves those educators who have chosen to blend online learning tools and strategies in their face-to-face classroom.
  • JOLR is both international and interdisciplinary, publishing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research from multiple fields and disciplines that have a shared goal of improving primary and secondary education worldwide.
  • JOLR is both theoretical and practical. Each research article is critically-reviewed to ensure publication of rigorous and thoughtful research. However, each publication must also contain pragmatic implications for research, policy, and practice.

2015 GoogleScholar h5 Index Released

In June 2015, GoogleScholar released its new h-index metrics for journals. These are being updated on this site as we go through the data.

The “h-index” of a given journal is “the largest number h such that at least h articles in that publication were cited at least h times each. For example, a publication with five articles cited by, respectively, 17, 9, 6, 3, and 2, has the h-index of 3.” The h-5 number listed on is found on the metrics page and refers to “those of its articles that were published in the last five complete calendar years.” [Google Scholar Metrics].